7 of the best online Pilates apps and sites to help tone your entire body


Pilates is one of the best workouts to work every muscle in the body. Here, we’ve rounded up the best online workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home while you’re in self-isolation.

If you were a Pilates addict pre-coronavirus, the closure of your Pilates studio due to current COVID-19 restrictions would definitely be affecting you.

You can feel your glutes flattening, your abs disappearing and all that arm strength just fizzling away. We get you.

You’re now left at-home with no reformer machine and only a bunch of online cardio and HIIT workouts available.

Don’t get us wrong, cardio and HIIT workouts do wonders for your body – and mind – but those regular reformer Pilates sessions you used to attend just targeted and strengthened every part of your body like no other workout.

Luckily for you, you don’t actually need a reformer machine to maintain those Pilates muscles. Here are some of the most popular, recommended and highly-reviewed Pilates places on the internet to help tone your entire body. All from the comfort of your lounge room.

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What: HUSTLE from Home

Why: Two highly-experienced Pilates instructors Monica Fluer and Zoe Svencis, decided to launch HUSTLE from Home as soon as lockdown restrictions were enforced. The two are able to bring studio vibes to your home through a variety of online classes – choose from Floorformer, Yoga and Pilates X HIIT – that will seriously get your booty on fire. They also give you the option of joining group classes, or personalised 1:1 or 2:1 sessions.

How much: The Intro Offer is $15 for unlimited classes and is valid for 7 days, which gives you access to more than 20 live streamed classes. A drop-in class is $10.

Find out more at HUSTLE from Home.

What: Blogilates

Why: Cassey Ho is one of the leading global Pilates authorities. On her YouTube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers, she regularly shares quick Pilates workouts that target different areas of the body. From a 10-minute ‘lower ab flattener’ to an ‘inner thigh slimmer’, you’ll walk out of iso rock solid.

How much: Since it’s on YouTube, it’s entirely free. Yes, F-R-E-E.

Find out more at Blogilates.

What: Nike Training Club app

Why: While it’s not specifically Pilates-focused, the app features an abundance of workouts that incorporate many traditional mat Pilates moves under the app’s ‘Mobility’ and ‘Yoga’ categories. Our favourite workouts from the app include the 15-minute ‘One Leg at a Time’, 15-minute ‘Watch Your Tone’ and 30-minute ‘Walk the Plank’. It’s a great app to have on hand if you want to add on a quick Pilates burn to any of your sweat sessions.

How much: It’s entirely free to use. Just download the Nike Training Club app from the Apple store.

Find out more at Nike Training Club.

What: Body+Soul LIVE @ Home series

Why: Yes, we had to include our own at-home workout series simply because it’s just that good. For your dose of Pilates, you can check out founder of Fluidform Pilates Kirsten King’s ‘Long and Lean’ workout here. In our second LIVE @ Home series, Tori Clapham from Peaches Pilates will be taking you through a ‘Booty burn’ on Wednesday April 22 at 8am and Ali Handley, founder of BodyLove Pilates will be taking you through a total mat Pilates at 8am on Tuesday April 28.

How much: It’s completely free. Plus, there are a variety of other workouts – from HIIT to yoga, barre, strength and even meditation – to choose from.

Find out more here. Or head to our Facebook page for all the workouts or our Instagram for daily updates.

Why: Founder Ali Handley features in the second series of body+soul LIVE @ Home, but if like us, you just can’t get enough of her killer workouts, she’s made all her BodyLove Pilates classes virtual. For Ali, it’s all about the mindful burn so be prepared to finish your workout with your body feeling toned and your mind at ease. At least three classes are run every day, and members are able to enjoy exclusive access to all recorded classes so you can choose to get your Pilates burn in anytime.

How much: The Intro Offer is $20, which gives you access to five classes over two weeks. The Unlimited membership is $25 per week, and gives you access to unlimited mat, matte, yoga and prenatal live streamed classes. Otherwise, you can pay $8 for a casual drop-in class.

Find out more at BodyLove Pilates.

What: Lottie Murphy

Why: Lottie Murphy is a well-known Pilates instructor and wellness coach, and her workouts on YouTube have gained quite the attraction. From a Pilates routine to help you sleep better to an all-rounder 30-minute Pilates routine, she’s posted enough workouts to last you through isolation. Maybe.

How much: it won’t cost you a cent since it’s all on YouTube.

Find out more at Lottie Murphy.

Why: Australia’s leading reformer Pilates studio is of course, here to fulfil all your self-iso Pilates woes. They regularly post free workouts and technique tutorials on their IGTV Channel, or you can subscribe to their membership and have access to a huge range of Pilates workouts via their app.

How much: the Free Access membership will give you access to three 20-minute pre-recorded mat Pilates workouts, a library of 5-minute technique tip videos and one weekly at-home mat Pilates workout. $20 per week will give you access to the Premium membership. This package includes all the benefits of the Free Access pass, along with one daily at-home mat Pilates and a library of more booty-burning/core-tightening/arm-strengthening workouts.

Find out more at KX Pilates.