5 of the Most Epic Motorbike/Surf Adventures Across the Globe


You might be asking yourself: “What on earth do motorbikes and surfing have to do with each another?” Fair question, but surprisingly more than you’d imagine.

Oddly enough, where you see the two cultures — bike and surf — colliding gracefully is in Canggu, Bali where surf-moto brand, Deus Ex Machina, has its flagship base there called the “Temple of Enthusiasm.”

An idea born from the vintage motorcycle and surf movements happening in Sydney, Australia, you can buy custom surfboards at Deus, custom motorbikes, coffee, art, clothing… even get a haircut.

But back to the initial query: What’s the connection between a café racer and sliding piece of foam and fiberglass? Some say it’s in the line you choose, whether on a wave or on the open road. Some say it’s in the craftsmanship, riding vessels made by human hands and hearts.

Ultimately, the pairing is in the travel. Motorbikes get us from “Point A” to “Wave B,” and if you’re lucky, happily lost along the way. Because some of the best discoveries happen by accident. The following are five routes across the globe that blend the two loves seamlessly.