The Best New Gloves for Outdoor Winter Sports Performance


If you ever ice climb, you’ve likely had, or at least heard of “the screaming barfies.” The painful, yet common and often quick, experience makes you want to scream — and then it makes you feel like barfing. It’s a rough condition, all from getting your hands too cold. If you’ve ever had the barfies, then you already know the importance of a warm gloves (and not over-gripping).

For those who haven’t had the barfies, the science behind it is based on your hands (or feet) getting overly cold and numb, causing you to lose blood, and exacerbated by fine motor activity like gripping tools. When hands warm up again, the rushing blood expands vessels and makes you feel barfy ill. The good news is that it’s a fairly rare occurrence and if you are doing something more casual than ice climbing, you’re not likely to experience it. But as many active outdoor winter user know all too well — at least those who’ve had a little frostbite or nip on their hands — your extremities are never the same after, and they get colder quicker.

If you’ve never had barfies, frost nip or bite, you’re lucky! Keep it that way with some fantastically warm winter gloves to lower the odds, whether you climb, ski or just frolic in the cold!

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