How to turn your daily walk into a fat-blasting workout, according to Sam Wood


Walking can be good as a power sweat sesh, and possibly even better than running. Here’s how to make the most of it.

I love walking and although I don’t track my steps consistently, I try to walk every morning.

This is either with Hendrix as a way to clear my head and arrange my thoughts for the day, or with the double pram as I head off to the park with Charlie and Willow to give Snez a much deserved break.

Walking is such a fantastic low-impact way to move your body and a popular form of exercise but as far as getting bang for your buck, from a fat-burning perspective there are some things we probably need to do to maximise this.

1. Pace

Incidental exercise adds up but if you’re trying to level up your daily walk then you need to be walking briskly. Everyone’s brisk pace is different so you can determine your exertion by your heart and breathing rate.

2. Hills or stairs

If you can, find a route that incorporates hills and/or stairs for an extra lung-buster and to really work those leg and glute muscles.

3. Jogging/running intervals

If you’re not yet a runner but it is on the horizon, start by implementing some jogging/running intervals into your walk. Walk for 3 minutes, jog/run for 30-60 seconds and repeat.

4. Stop and drop into a circuit

Every 3 minutes stop and do some exercises such as squats, squat jumps, step-ups, lunges… anything that will increase muscle activation and elevate your heart rate.

Then, go back into your walk as a quality 3 minute active recovery between efforts.

Whether you’re trying to increase the variety and intensity of your walks to turn them into a workout, or you’re just using walking as a great way for extra incidental activity on top of your HIIT or gym workouts, it really can play an integral role in achieving your fitness goals.

Sam Wood is a fitness expert and founder of 28 by Sam Wood.