3 golden rules to achieve your health resolutions, according to a celeb trainer


Former The Biggest Loser trainer Libby Babet, reveals exactly how to find – and maintain – the motivation to exercise and eat well. 

As much as there’s a lot of hope and positivity that surrounds the start of a new year (and decade), those resolutions can also bring about a lot of pressure.

The pressure to find a new job, get on top of your finances, work on your relationships and the most common of the lot – the pressure to end the year a healthier, and often slimmer, version of yourself.

It’s that idea of the ‘new year, new me’, where we frantically sign up to the gym, purchase new activewear, start drinking celery juice every morning and completely say goodbye to every single food group that brings you joy. But you know from experience that a few months down the track that activewear becomes your couch clothes, celery juice turns into coffee and avo toast, and low and behold, carbs and wine return as a daily indulgence. Bye-bye motivation.

But according to former The Biggest Loser trainer Libby Babet, maintaining your New Year motivation throughout the year is as easy as following three simple rules.

“Number one, we all know what we should do but we don’t have a strong enough ‘why’ as to why we should do it,” Babet explains to co-hosts Maz Compton and Eliza Cracknell on episode 69 of Healthy-ish ‘Quit those excuses and kick ass this year’.

“So I always like to think, think about why as w-h-y – how the world is helped by you. It doesn’t have to be the greater world; it can be the world of your family, the world of your team – how is the world helped by you being healthier and fitter? Is it that you’re a better role model, your family feels more energised, they’re happier, you are going to be able to go travelling at the end of the year and have a fit and healthy body that takes you there? How is the world helped by you?”

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Once you have that down-pat, the following two rules are actually simple.

The second one is replacing the words ‘fitness’ and ‘exercise’ with ‘movement’, and finding an act of movement you actually enjoy.

“Like honestly, if someone said to me you have to be in a gym every day lifting weights I’d be like ‘I’m out, too’.”

As fit and healthy as Babet looks, she admits you’ll never find her in the gym lifting weights or voluntarily going for a 10km run every day.

“I never, never in my career – except for when I was learning about it – have put myself under a barbell,” she continues. “I never go for a long run, and that’s important for everyone to know. I dance about, I do some Pilates, I go for walks in nature and swim in the ocean.”

And her final tip is understanding that this ‘movement’ will actually create the motivation you want.

“I think people think with motivation, when they say ‘I just can’t get motivated’, it’s like asking for ‘I want to create a fire but don’t want to use anything to light a spark’, so doing the exercise is actually what gives you the motivation. Do some movement, just play with life, get your kids outside, have some fun.”

Ay, ay, Babet. Ay, ay.

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Libby is one of the original BUF Girls, former The Biggest Loser trainer, founder of Beauty Food and has now launched Nurture Her, career and wellness retreats for female entrepreneurs and leaders. Follow Libby on Instagram @libbybabet.